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Brief- Best new movies on amazon prime videos


best new movies on amazon prime

When there are thousands of movies and shows available with just a click away on amazon prime videos, it is hard to find some good, recently uploaded titles.


It's human nature to find something new and we understand your urge so this article is going to be a brief guide for best new movies available on amazon prime.


This list contains not only movies but web shows also to make sure that you get exactly what you were looking for.


Best New Movies On Amazon Prime


1. The Illegal-

the illegal
image credits: IMDB photo gallery

A young Indian boy leaves home to pursue his most vivid dream, the American dream.

Things do not go as planned and he is stuck in a system of consistent struggle to survive.

He faces odds, challenges and finds his inner strength and the most important thing that he learns through his journey is Never Give Up.


Directed By- Danish Renzu

Cast- Suraj Sharma, Shweta Tripathi, Adil Hussain


2.  Tenet-

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This was the most awaited movie on amazon prime videos.


A fantastic movie having a mind blowing story and amazing direction in addition with descent camera work.


The story is about a protagonist who is given only one word "tenet". This only word is a key to another reality which is the path to save the world.

But the path is full of hurdles and there is no help available. Will he able to do his job?

Directed By- Christopher Nolan

Cast- John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki


3. The Broken Hearts Gallery-

the broken hearts gallery
image credits: IMDB photo gallery

A story that slowly walks with you. The story itself is not going to tell you a single thing but it leads you to a showcase of events.

The story is about a girl Lucy, who creates a gallery for the items love has left behind, after being dumped by her boyfriend.

She discovers an interesting fact that she is not the only one who needs help to move on.


Directed By- Natalie Krinsky

Cast- Geraldine Viswanatahan, Darce Montgomery, Utkarsh Ambudkar

4. Unhinged-

image credits: IMDB photo gallery

A simple yet powerfully directed story having action and adventure along with some melodramatic suspense.

This story is about an unstable man, who is after a woman for a silly reason.

The whole story is about chase and thrill which is worth a try.

Directed By- Derrick Borte

Cast- Russel Crowe, Caren Pistorious







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