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 Brief- Movies to watch for free on Amazon Prime Videos

best free movies on amazon prime

Amazon prime videos has millions of good titles to watch. 


Specially in this unsafe environment of chaos and infection, we should stay at homes as much as possible.


So, to pass our time and to entertain ourselves nothing is good as watching a movie.


But, first thing first


As much I know about Amazon prime videos, there is not a single movie available to watch free.


You have to choose a plan for amazon prime membership to get the benefits.


So, simply pic a plan according to your will. (And they do not cost much.) 


Now, back to the point, this article is going to be your guide to some amazingly beautiful movies on amazon prime.


Want specified list on various genres?


best horror movies or best action movies


There is a common list of best movies on amazon prime available too which you could give a shot.


Best free movies on amazon prime

 1. How To Train Your Dragon-

best free movies on amazon prime

Though it's a cartoon movie but believe me, this is one of the best cartoon movie series I have ever watched.


The story is about a Viking village where the only thing which gives the villagers a nightmare is dragon.


A boy named Hiccup doesn't follow the trend and teaches villagers to be friendly with dragons and how wonderful creatures they are.


Apart from the general adventure and action that the movie gives, I am personally in love with the cute romance of Hiccup and Astrid.


She is a girl of class and bravery and I literally wanna date her. LOL


Directed By- Dean DeBlois

Cast- Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson


2. Bumblebee-

best free movies on amazon prime

After a war on Cybertron, Optimus Prime, an autoboat sends a young cadet B-127 to earth in order to set up a place where autoboats could assemble.

B-127 reaches California due to a crash landing where he encounters with a Decepticon, Blitzwing and officer Jack Burns who belongs to a secret government agency.

He then finds refugee in a junkyard and meets Charlie Watson.

Directed By- Travis Knight

Cast- Hailee Steinfeld, Jorge Lendeborg Jr, John Cena

3. It-

best free movies on amazon prime

Based on the famous novel of same name, this is considered as one of the best horror movie of all time.


The story is about some kids living in the town of Derry where local kids are disappearing one after another.


They decided to go after the mystery and find something very strange.


A monster named Pennywise who portrays himself as a clown hunts the children of Derry as prey.


Apart from the story and other things what I like the most is the character of Pennywise.


He is not a ghost or something yet he is horrible enough to give you nightmares and the way Bill Skarsgard played it, is marvelous.

Directed By- Andy Muschietti

Cast- Bill Skarsgard, Jaeden Martell, Finn Wolfhard


4. The Mechanic-

best free movies on amazon prime


The Mechanic is a good action - adventure movie.


Arthur Bishop is an assassin of his own kind.


He is nothing but broken when his mentor got killed. Now Bishop's only mission is to punish the responsible.


He accepts training impulsive son of his mentor to accomplish the mission but things are not that simple as they seem.

Simply, watch it for Jason Statham's marvelous  action and fighting sequences. They definitely worth a try.


Directed By- Simon West

Cast- Jason Statham, Ben Foster, Donald Sutharland

5. Batman Vs Superman : Dawn of Justice-

best free movies on amazon prime

DC universe is known for character evolution, basically the negative and this is another example of the work.

If we compare Lex Luther (Batman vs Superman) with Zemo (Captain America : Civil War), You can see the difference in character evolution.

This movie is basically about the fight between Batman and Superman but in addition with good action scenes and beautiful CGI.

Directed By- Zack Snyder

Cast- Ben Afflcek, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams

6. Jumanji : The next level-

best free movies on amazon prime

Being 3rd movie in Jumanji series, this film gives you same Jumanji feeling but in a different way.


Spencer feels overwhelmed in this world as things are not going well so he goes back in the world's most dangerous game, Jumanji.

This time the team has to finish the game in order to save Spencer's life.


Directed By- Jake Kasdan

Cast- Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart


7. Suspiria-

best free movies on amazon prime


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