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Brief- Best shows on Amazon prime videos

best shows on amazon prime

Web shows are going more and more popular as they provide a long story with enough time to develop or deconstruct a character and most importantly, a long lasting mega pack of entertainment.
Amazon prime videos has many top rated shows of various genre.

I am, in fact a big fan of web shows but when it's about to decide what to watch, I like most of us become lethargic as a sloth.
So to save you from those infinite scrolls and regrets, here is a list of best shows available on Amazon prime videos.
It is prepared on the basis of genres, reviews and popularity to serve you the most delicious dishes cooked in Amazon Prime oven.
So what are you waiting for?
Pick any title of interest and dive in.
Craving for more?
Why don't you try best movies or best horror movies on Amazon Prime
And as it is a regularly updated list so you don't have to be worried for fresh content.

Best Shows On Amazon Prime


1. Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan-

best shows on amazon prime

This is, I think one of the most watched show on Amazon prime videos.
It was started in 2018 and it still holds the position in the best shows of "prime".
The story is about a CIA analyst Jack Ryan who suspects some bank transfer and decides to chase the trail.
He roams throughout Europe and Middle East and finds out a deadly truth.
A rising terrorist group is about to initiate a massive terror attack against USA.
Now it is about results and he has to win this battle to save his country.
it's a good action - drama - thriller combo which will definitely latch you to the screen.
Created by- Carlton Cuse, Graham Roland
Cast- John Krasinski, Wendell Pierce, Abbie Cornish

2. Modern Love-

best shows on amazon prime
It is not truly a single story but, a pack of different but beautiful stories.
All these stories are quite different from one another but somehow they all are connected just like the sheep of a flock, different by appearance but connected.
What is inside the bag - a marriage at breaking point, a date which is not really a date,  a tail of lost love, a unique friendship and the settlement of a new family.
Personally, I find this web show super romantic as defines love in its own way.
Created by-
Cast- Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey, Andy Garcia

3. Picnic At Hanging Rock-

best shows on amazon prime

Ready for a time travel to 19th century?

This show takes you to the mysterious journey of the disappearances of three young school girl along with a teacher.

There are several twists and turns throughout the show that will keep your interest maintained.

We have seen some stories like this before, however watching "Picnic at Hanging rocks" still draws our attention by its beautiful camera work and direction.

Created by-
Cast- Natalie Dormer, Lily Sullivan, Lola Bessis

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