Amazon prime videos is ready with a new breath taking tv series, the wheel of time, ready to be aired on 19th November 2021. It's based on a novel of the same name written by Robert Jordan.

There are already speculations that after Game of thrones, this tv show is going to be next most famous tv show in the history of world television.

There are 14 books in the wheel of time novel series so it is indeed true that if the wheel of time gets the popularity like Game of thrones, it is going to be the longest tv show.

In fact, it will be very amusing and to watch a great piece of work on the screen, live and moving.

The trailer and other clips are already creating sensations. Graphics are quite good and the designing team owes a clap. Though trailer doesn't gives you much details but it is enough for me to spend my time on November 19.


The wheel of time tv series on amazon prime

Story line:-

As the details section of the wheel of time suggests, this is a story of five young ones whose lives take a paradigm shift when a strong woman enters the village.

She tells them about a ancient prophecy that one amongst them is the savior, the child who will create balance between light and dark.

Now, they have to make choice whether to trust her or not because if what she saying is true, the fate of the humanity is on stake and they have to be prepared for the final battle before the dark powers come out of the prison.

Main characters of the wheel of time:-

There are total seven characters in wheel of time excluding dark powers.

1. Moiraine:-

Moiraine has come to the Two Rivers in search of the one who will save or destroy the world. A mysterious and powerful Aes Sedai capable of channeling the One Power, her arrival brings with it concern, and threat of chaos.

She claims to seek the prophesied Dragon Reborn, but for what purpose?

Aes Sedai may never speak that which is not true, but the truth one tells you is not always the truth you may think.

2. Egwene:-

The innkeeper’s daughter, Egwene, is wise beyond her years. She is determined, steadfast, and driven by logic. She’s promised to marry Rand, but others see her potential.

The town Wisdom wishes to train her, and the arrival of an Aes Sedai who wants to take her from Two Rivers further complicates her once simple life.

She’s quickly realizing she could be more important than anyone ever imagined.

3. Rand-

Few things are more important to Rand than his family and friends. He is impossibly stubborn, impulsively driven by his love and compassion for others — especially Egwene.

When Moiraine arrives in Two Rivers, he pays little mind. Perhaps there is power within him, or one of his friends, but his only concern is protecting those he loves, at any cost. And he will have to do that sooner than later...

4. Mat-

Mat is always ready with a smart remark and loves to make people laugh. And yet his mischievous smile and witty retorts simply distract from the question constantly burdening him: Is he a good person — and how would he know?

His parents were far from role models, yet he fears himself fated to follow their path. But perhaps — if that Aes Sedai is to be trusted — his future may have other things in store.

5. Perrin-

Don’t let the physique from long days working a forge fool you. Perrin is a gentle giant. To those closest to him, he’s a man of strength and stability who approaches every decision with thoughtful consideration.

Despite his kind and gentle nature, his physical strength cannot be denied. Is this a reflection of some deeper power?

Perrin fears that, one way or the other, circumstances may reveal the answer.

6. Naynaeve-

Nynaeve is fierce and assertive, commanding respect as the youngest Wisdom the Two Rivers has ever seen. She’s brash and unpredictable, but her compulsion to heal is what truly drives her. 

She may be slightly older than the other four from Two Rivers, but her innate abilities are not to be discounted. Nynaeve despises the Aes Sedai, yet Moiraine senses a power within her — one she simply cannot ignore.

7. Lan-

Lan is Moiraine’s Warder — a warrior bonded to an Aes Sedai through the One Power. Equal parts bodyguard, confidante, and ally, he and Moiraine share an unbreakable bond.

Driven by duty and honor, his stoic exterior reflects the unwavering loyalty that supersedes his own desires.

He would give his life for Moiraine, and will do what is necessary to find the Dragon Reborn — whatever Moiraine’s plans may be.


The wheel of time is definitely going to be a iconic tv show with jaw dropping moments and beautiful story line.

Amazon prime videos is now taking a step to create some classic action adventure show which is a good omen for tv series lovers.

There are certain questions like is wheel of time for adults only?

So on it's official, it is rated as A which means it is suitable for 18+ viewers.

In next post, we'll be available with review of the wheel of time: season1

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